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Popovy Sisters Dolls -Limited Edition Collection  






MIAMI ART GALLERY Artist: Popovy Sisters

If you would like to purchase a Popovy Sisters Limited Edition Doll please contact us

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International Art Gallery with an accurate International Art,

Yoel Tordjman





MIAMI ART GALLERY Artist: Yoel Tordjman

If you would like to purchase and see all the Paintings of Yoel Tordjman please contact us

by email – Laura Klassik to


International Art Gallery with an accurate International Art,

About Yoel Tordjman:

The celebration of light stands at the forefront of the Franco-Israeli painter – artist Yoel Tordjman in the monumental production of his 613 original art pieces. Each painting manifests an amazement, unveiling events through appearances of light.

The compositions are organized in 20 thematic series consisting of reflection, motivation, horizon, season, the complexity of evolution involving expressions and coloration, all of which reflecting in a composite undulating wave of inward and outward subtle nuance of light. The paintings not only reflect outwardly but also evoke similar emotions within, embarking the onlooker in a symphony of colours, sounds and harmony. With this Yoel launches a particularly innovative artistic challenge in that light and matter in his paintings are imbued to create an infinite dance that revives us, transports us, enlightens us and therefore also heals us. In this way Yoel’s Art is first and foremost therapeutic.

Yoel’s Art speaks to what is most profound in each of us ; the impalpable world of the suprasensible, the space at which pure light lies, the most idealized part of our being. It is very rare to find abstract works like those of Yoel Tordjman that resonate at such a high level of both the spiritual and the sacred evoking not only the mystical but the unbearable lightness of the most passionate human beings. Each wave of light becomes a grandiose landscape on which to move with great intensity. One cannot help but be drawn.

Yoel’s canvasses give us access to joy because through his own self-discovery he shows us through his art that each human being in his essence is the bearer of divine light, part of the cosmic whole, the unity and the heavenly paradise. This transcendence touches the hearts of people creating an ever evolving Creation within. Everyone is challenged in front of these canvases for Yoel offers each and every one of us a chance to see, to read and to feel the temple that is in each of us as a solid foundation guiding us in uneasy, turbulent times.

In light of the mediums and techniques used by the artist the combination of macro photography, digital art with over painting techniques and hundreds of micro layers with coloured medium and acrylic gives his work an exceptional precision, a deepness and aesthetic quality and originality.

Yoël by deciding to settle in Safed, whitch contributes to the radiance of this enclave but renowned city. His art-light renews the Israeli artistic movement that originated in Safed, an ancestral metropolis famous for its scholars, founders of the Hasidic, Legalistic and Kabalistic Jewish tradition, long before the creation of the modern State of Israel.

The artist’s exhibitions have been visited by more than seven million people on social networks over the past five years and have been commented on by hundreds of thousands of visitors from more than 35 countries. This is constitutes an international repercussion for Israel, its history, Jewish identity, the sharing of peace and brotherhood among peoples.

In recent years, the international success of Yoel‘s works is also evident in their value in the art market. His work selected and quoted by Cristie’s Paris is proof of this. The increasing demand of the actors of the artistic world on the one hand and the very limited number of work that Yoel agrees to put on the market, are the guarantee of a value.

It is certain that after the next exhibition of Yoel‘s 613 works, one of the greatest art exhibits of the century, the value of each work will be multiplied tenfold.

In conclusion, purchasing Yoel’s artwork will not only help to further bring to fruition the realization of this grand Artistic Project at hand but will also contribute to the influence of contemporary Jewish art. It pays homage to Yoel as the artist with each individual purchase promoting this vast creative richness that flourishes in the land of Israel rediscovered, in a universal resonance.



Georgy Kurasov  

MIAMI ART GALLERY Artist: Georgy Kurasov 

If you would like to purchase a Painting of Georgy Kurasov please contact us

by email – Laura Klassik to


International Art Gallery with an accurate International Art,

Georgy Kurasov Artist with Honourable Mr. Alexey Larionov, Senior scientist of the State Hermitage Museum St.Petersburg Russia with Miami Art gallery.

The painter Georgy Kurasov is undoubtedly one such exception. That skill which is so clearly visible in his works, the depth of his knowledge and understanding of the painting of all ages, the irreproachable perfection of his hand and the keenness of his eyes give his artistic experiments particular weight and conviction.

Kurasov is an artist of striking individuality in both his thought patterns and his painting style. Having once made the acquaintance of his art one has no need to be a specialist or a connoisseur in order to recognize further works. Such ready recognisability has always been a sign of inordinate skill and it is even more so today, for over the last hundred years of endless experimentation and all conceivable innovations in the sphere of painted form it sometimes seems as though everything has already been tried and exhausted.

The task of finding a fresh and independent approach seems almost impossible. Kurasov, however, has done the impossible, the best evidence of which is perhaps the difficulty anyone faces in classifying his style, in identifying it with any one of the known painting trends. The range of reminiscences to which his works give rise is truly wide, encompassing everything from Byzantine mosaics and Early Renaissance paintings to Klimt and Lempicka, but such parallels are valid only with regard to individual devices and elements in his pictorial language, beyond which there are no further similarities. As we survey the complex geometrical structure of his compositions we recall now Constructivism, now Cubism, but a closer look reveals immediately that there are far more contrasting features than points of contact.


International Art Gallery with an accurate International Art.


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